Wednesday, May 1, 2019

End of Year Parties

Image result for owl summer clipartEnd of Year Parties
Date: May 23 (K-4)
Time: TBD by grade level

Party Planning Steps:
1) Schedule a meeting with your teacher to discuss plans for the party.
·         Themes are often decided at the grade level by the teachers. Some teachers want a lot of input while others will not. Specific party times will be set by admin and teachers as well. I'll update on this when I hear.  

2) Plan accordingly with your HRP team.
·         Decide roles and get creative!

3) Send End of Year Party invitation to class parents.
·         If you have created a signup genius or equivalent to ask for parent volunteers, food, d├ęcor, or donations,  include this link in the invitation.
·         Also, please include info regarding class gift collection (see below).

 4) Send invitation to your class's staff member(s).
·         Discuss this with your teacher. Sometimes the teacher will incorporate creating an invitation into the lesson plan and deliver it to the staff person, other times the HRP will create an invitation with the children's help. If nothing else, an e-mailed invitation will suffice!

Class Gifts
We are asking that there only be 2 class gifts per year to minimize the number of times parents are asked to contribute: Winter (end of semester) Party and End of Year Party.
Remember that collecting and giving money is optional.  Please do not mandate how much someone should give. Some parents choose to give gifts individually and will not contribute to the classroom gift, however class gifts should always come from the entire class not just the ones that contributed.  Please remember we come from a diverse school and many areas of the school are asking for money as well.  For some families even small amounts of money can be a financial hardship. 
*Remember your class’s staff member!

When to Collect Money
  • Collect for End of Semester (Winter Party) Gift and End of Year Gift. 
  • Give parents 2 weeks of notice.
Ways to collect money
  • Paypal or Venmo Account
  • Small envelope labeled "Homeroom Parent" put in each student's Tuesday folder.
  • Envelope left in the classroom (may be posted by the door) labeled "Homeroom Parent" 
  • Meet parents at school for drop off or pick up 
  •  Allow parents to drop off donations at your house/mail box
  • Check with your classroom teacher to see if they are comfortable handling money through student folders or a classroom envelope
  • Do not ask parents to write their name on the envelope. Do not post a list of who gave and how much.  All contributions should be kept anonymous if possible.
Other Gift Options
·         Some homeroom parents will choose to make a keepsake with the kids to give to the teacher and staff member along with the class gift. If you plan to do something along these lines, please coordinate appropriately with your teacher so that you are not interrupting the class while you get the help of the children. Of course, this is entirely optional.

Thanks for all you do!! I know this is a busy time of year so your effort is really appreciated! You guys are seriously amazing!

If you have any questions or need help, please reach out!!


Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Teacher Appreciation Week - March 11-15

Good morning Homeroom Parents!
Our amazing Hospitality Committee has been hard at work planning for this year's Teacher Appreciation week and it's going to be a great one! This is a special week where it's our turn to show the teachers and staff just how much we appreciate all they do.

Below is a note that you can copy and paste (or edit if you choose) to send to the parents in your classroom regarding Teacher Appreciation Week coming up next week.

**Please copy and paste your teacher and staff person's favorite things in found on the following link: 

Teacher and Staff Favorites List

In the past, we have found it nice to provide a vase for teachers on the day we bring flowers. If you need help with this we will have a few extra available for use in the PTA room. Any keepsake gift you want to make with the students, or anything you want to change based on your teacher 's preferences is great with us, we just hope the framework provides some guidance where needed. Thank you for all you do!


Greetings Caraway Parents,

Spring is approaching quickly and Teacher Appreciation Week is almost upon us!  Caraway has a long standing tradition of showering our teachers and staff with gratitude and love for one week every Spring. This year we will "Treat Yo' Teacher!" 

Each day, students are invited to bring the following to show appreciation. As always, participation is completely voluntary. Please remember your classroom's staff member as well if you are able!

Monday, March 11 - Bring your teacher (and staff person) their favorite flower
Tuesday, March 12 - Bring your teacher (and staff person) a favorite snack
Wednesday, March 13 - Bring your teacher (and staff person) a special note
Thursday March 14 - Bring your teacher (and staff person) a classroom supply
Friday, March 15 - Bring your teacher (and staff person) a special treat, note, or act of kindness of your kiddo's choice

Here is a list of all of your teacher and staff person's favorite things:


Thank you so much for creating such a loving and supportive school family here at Caraway. Please let us know if you have any questions!

Caraway PTA Hospitality Committee